Monday, 25 January 2010

Choose Life!

Sent the obligatory "I will be leaving..." email out today. Had some really nice messages come back. Reading emails from people saying that they'll miss me is really sad. I briefly wondered if I was doing a smart thing.

Then I remember all the rubbish I've had to deal with here, how unbelivably excited I am to be coming to the states and the fact that I'm living the dream man!

I'm not subjecting myself to the "social norms" I belive the wonder of Ewan McGregor (actually the very talented writer but still its Ewans voice I hear that told us to Choose. I Choose Life baby! Maybe not in the same way as Renton. I'd rather avoid strange hallucinations of babies crawling across my ceiling (By the way if anyones not seen Trainspotting you must go and rent it immediatly!)

But yeah to sum up:

Choose smiles
Choose doing something scary
Choose telling the boss to shove it
Choose making new friends
Choose taking a risk and giving your heart to someone
Choose laughing until it hurts.
And most of all Choose Life!

This is not a dress rehearsal - this is the real thing. So go and live it. It's never to late to start and its never to early to stop.

Thats my truth and I plan on living by it!


  1. I have always loved that line...Life is not a Dress Rehersal. I so believe that. It is too short. I always think that. And I think people do too, yet they contradict it all the time. Example... telling a friend how I am getting a tattoo soon I have been wanting. She was all you are stuck with that for life..blah blah. Yeah but I want it, life is short, and whatever. Do you ever get sick of justifying your choices to others??? Just my thought for the day, haha. <3 ya hun!!!

  2. Oh totally! But then the answer is - dont justify it. Tell them your choice, tell them your happy with it and just ask them to be there for you if it all goes wrong afterwards.

    Your true friends will give you that in my opinion.

    Lifes too short to not grab every oppurtunity with both hands!

  3. What a lovely, empowering post. :D You are an inspiration. ♥

  4. Amen sista. Life is short and then you die. The end. When you die, you aren't going to think back and go "Did I pay the water bill?"---you are going to regret not taking a trip abroad or something.

    So while I'm not FOR getting your utilities turned off, I'd say people need to stop worrying so much (self included) and just start freaking living. Like you!


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