Thursday, 4 February 2010

Double edged Thursday

I have two polar opposite subjects to ramble on about today. I'll start with the negative and get it out of the way

Negging you out (Phrase we used to use as Face to Face fundraisers where it was all about the positive thinking to get through the day!)

Made a complete and utter FUCK up at work (Apologies - but it really was) I should've been at a school this morning to deliver an assembly and totally forgot! He was not happy, I was swearing in the office...oh it was a nightmare. But I've sent an apology email and if I dont hear back from him I'll call him too to apologise again. I suppose theres not much more I can do other than that is there?

Happy smiley people

The cats outta the bag! The Lex and Facebook exploded yesterday! I'm surprised we didnt melt their servers or something...Is 47 comments on a status a new record? What was it with me and Becca's great prank?

I don't care - you girls have your fun! This British chick is smiling like theres no tommorow and aint nothing gonna keep it off my face for long! (Even major work f ups...)


  1. I like that the cat is out of the bag. It made for a very fun and non productive work day!! I dont think any of us worked at all that day!HAHA.

    BUt what do you mean " What was it with me and Becca's great prank?"
    elaborate please.....was bex in on it too???

  2. When I went up to see becs and she had her status as "Sarah has arrived and all is not going well, she may be on a plane home this evening" or something. Then we went out for a couple of hours to get the sofa and came back to a gazilloon comments of "WTF?!"

    Then everyone was really p'd at us for bring so mean!

  3. OMG I totally forgot about that. I was late to the game on that day too, so i got to see that you guys were only joking around so I missed all the fun that day. But glad to be in the EPICENTER of FUN this time around!! LOL. I dont think you can pull that prank again bc everyone will see it coming, even though you are Ms. Traveler now and have loads of peps to visit. ahhh wish I could tag along with ya everywhere. Esp to warm sunny Cali!!! I miss sunshine! LOL *HUGS*


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