Sunday, 14 February 2010

Becca Barminess and Valentine's Day

Sarah had SO much fun with Becca this week! Sarah and Becca went to see Mr Johnny Flynn and ended up right at the front because they were so early. Proper fangirls! But that was nothing - you should've seen the fanBOYS! They were obsessed. Poor Johnny was absolutly mobbed after the gig. Including fighting over his set list and wanting him to sign random scraps of paper. And there was one guy with a guitar who wanted to sing with him.

Sarah and Becca wanted to say hi but didnt want to go all "Squee-ie". So they hung around until he was done with all the stranger fans and said hi. They didnt attack him for photos or anything, just told him how much they really liked him after seeing him in Glasgow.

Sarah is excited about going up to Glasgow for more barminess and shennanigans in a couple of weeks.

So today is Valentines Day. It is also Lexily Speak in 3rd Person Day (hence the blogging in 3rd Person Sarah is currently taking part in. Although shes stopping now because her brain isnt concentrating enough)

Valentine's Day is celebrated in Finland as "Friendship Day". I think this is really sweet and a lovely way to celebrate. Friends are such an important part of life and I dont know where I would be without mine.

I understand when people say Valentines Day is "commercialised" and "why do we have to have one day to show how much we care about someone?" But I like it. Unless you do only show people how much you care on 14th Feb each day, that would be bad. But if you try and let that special person in your life know how much you care all the time then the 14th of the shortest month of the year is a lovely occasion.

Its funny when I was at school I absolutly hated it. All the "popular" girls got all manner of teddies and chocolates etc. But as an adult I have come to realise that I would rather celebrate the day with friends or by having a relaxing day then by getting some random thing from someone I dont care about.

Although THIS year I got even better. Something thoughtful and wonderful from someone I really care about. And that was better than any roses or chocolates any time.

Thank You. You know how much I loved it :)

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I so agree with your sentiments about Valentine's Day and feel the same way. I actually like the holiday for celebrating all of those that you love in life, friends, family, etc. Not just romantic and stuff. It just is a day to say hey Love ya! And we all could use that for sure!!

    Aww did cody get you something sweet!!! *gets all girly with ya for a mommnet* LOL

    Anyway <3 ya and HUGS!!!

  2. Better - he MADE me something! Big girly grins! :D

    And definitly, everyone should be told all the time how much we love them.

    One of my fav quotes:

    If you found out you only had a day to live who would you call and what would you tell them?

    Why are you waiting?

  3. I think everyday should be a loved ones day, thats why valentines isnt something special to me. I try to let my loved ones know how much I care as much as I can.

    are you going to show us what cody made you? pretty please?


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