Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 1 - 10 things I wanted to be when I grew up

So I'm already failing...didnt blog yesterday because I was running errands and then me and Codaniel went to the cinema in the evening.

Btw - the $2 theatre is my new favourite place IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

So we already knew there is going to be a Rocky Horror Picture Show, Audience Participation this Friday and Saturday. And yes that means Codaniel and I will be donning corsets and heels and throwing condom wrapped hotdogs at the screen!

But on top of that, every weekend they are showing a cult classic. The following weekends until I leave are the following:

Lost Boys
Neverending Story and....

THE LABYRINTH!!! And Labyrinth is on my Birthday weekend! Can we say excited? Hell yeah we can!

I also forgot to mention that I 'borrowed' my 10 day challenge from a fellow "Loving-from-a-distance'-er Krista. You can follow her blog

Ok, on to todays (well yesterdays...but I already said this wouldnt be 100%up to date!) topic.

10 things I wanted to be when I grew up

1) A teacher.
Me and my friend Kayleigh had big plans about moving to America to become an actress and a hairstylist to the stars. But to fund our big trip we would be teachers in the UK first. Ahh the well thought out plans of 7 years olds!

2) An Actress
This was my biggest one. As previously mentioned in blog posts this was what I wanted to do from the time I could walk. Probably even before that. I worked hard for it. Went to summer drama classes, BTECH in Performing Arts at college and numerous Drama School auditions. Then whilst performing in several shows when I was about 18 I kind of wondered if it really was something I wanted to continue doing. Who knows....maybe one day I'll return to it, but for now it was my childhood dream.

3) A Homeowner
I was saving for my own home, building my credit rating and looking into mortgages and interest rates since I was 18. It was always really funny watching my older colleagues or friends stare at me in amazement when they heard my life plan and in the same breath the fact that I was only 18.

Then I decided to go to America and became very emotionally involved in the best relationship of my life. o now us being together, and our wedding plans are much more important than owning my own home. As long as we have our own space together; rented or owned it wont matter.

4) A Mother
I've always wanted to be a mum. Although the very idea of childbirth absolutely terrifies me, I know that it will be completely worth it.

What is the appeal of children? Its such a deep rooted, inherently biological urge to ensure the continuation of the species. But there's such an emotional, loving urge to have them, care for them and look after them. And I guess I subscribe to that! :D I can't wait to have kids and a family of my own.

5) Happy
Above all else all I ever wanted was to be happy.

So thats pretty much it. I was always very focussed on my dreams, what I wanted and where I was going. Maybe I was an unimaginative child? Maybe I was just stubborn? Who knows? Whatever the case maybe right now I stick very stubbornly with number 5. When I grow up, I want to be happy.

So on that note, seeing as its now stuck in my head, I end on one of Codaniel's favorite songs. Dumb by Nirvana.


  1. I never knew you wanted your own home! It's interesting what we miss when we move away...

    Btw, just started the 30 Day thing. Won't mention it on FB though... *wonders why on earth she put family members on there*

  2. Oh heck yeah. Always did! The main thing is my own space - I'm just too practical and knew that owning would be better in the long run than renting :)

    Oh...dont even get me started.... Send me a PM to your blog :)

  3. Ahh i am behind already. Love the HAPPY one!!! I think that is really what we all want out of life!! And you are soooo an Actress. And you remind me of Kate Winslet! mwuah!


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