Monday, 8 February 2010

James Marsters!

Saturday night went to see James Marsters in concert! Well I say concert, more of a gig really. At the Tabernacle in West London.

HUGE shout out and Thank You to the super Maria for that!

It was really good, he sings and plays guitar beautifully. Lets not even mention the fact that me and my sister have loved him since Buffy. (And Hello? Can anyone say greatest Torchwood episode of all time?)

I have a huge quantity of pictures thanks to Jamie being tall with a steady hand (you should've seen the abysmal shots I was trying to take.) but not with me at work so I will add them a little later. I also have about 30 seconds of sneaky video taken on the iPhone. We wernt allowed to video and they threatened that anyone caught doing so would be asked to leave so that was as much as I dared.

I had a couple of little gripes though. You wouldnt have believed how tight the security was. You'd've thought it was Obama in there or something! Also they said there was an oppurtunity to take photos afterwards. Great I hear you say. Yeah...For the privelige of £35! And guess who's muppett features sister paid it? She said it was well worth it though. Havnt even seen the picture yet - they send it to you apparently. 

Oh and most excitedly - as we were waiting for our cab outside he came past us and got into his! THEN when ours turned up - it was the same one! I rode in the same car as James Marsters! (Can we say "Fangirl?")

But yeah those things aside it was a really great gig. My new favourite song is Smile and I share it here for you. (I didnt make this vid by the way, just found it on YouTube) 

Sorry they're a bit delayed. Here's my link to the photos on Facebook. I've just included a couple here. Enjoy :)

There's not much video but here are the little snippetts I managed to take on the phone before I got scared about being chucked out! Hehe


  1. Awesome! Can't wait for your and your friend's own pics! :D Seems like you had a great time. heh. honestly I just blush at the mention of me and your 50th thank you. Must have been really special for you :)

    And the same cap! Wow! :D You know, if it smelled funny it might have been his fart lingering there, right? xD

  2. awesome! yYou know, he was at the Elf fantasy fair last year aswell. I have a picture of him with a puppy somewhere, very adorable.

    is that your sister on the pic? i have the same shirt, hehehehe.

    you should check out the dresden files. He did the audiobooks, and they sound VERY good.


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