Friday, 5 February 2010

This morning = Fail

11:30 (last night): Crash out on bed fully clothed AGAIN
1:30: Get into bed properly
7:30: Flying alarm goes off making god awful “clunk clunk clunk” sound cos I didn’t put the propeller on it properly
8:00: Rest of alarms on phone start to go off
8:45: Decide to actually get up
8:55: Make rash decision to do make up on the train to try and avoid being late
9:05: Can’t find oyster card
9:10: Still looking for oyster card
9:30: Finally found oyster card

9:31: Leave house
9:45: No seats on any of the trains – cant do make up on trains
10:00: Need breakfast, go into Starbucks – queue is a mile long
10:10: Finally get breakfast
10:15: Spill coffee all over sleeve in lift
10:20: Discover porridge is runny and horrible.
10:21: Realises still have no make up on. Wants to go back to bed and start the day over.

It did get better though. Had an email from the guy I messed up with yesterday saying it was all cool so that was a relief. He was really cool about it. *Phew*
Out for dinner tonight for Prabz birthday. Weekly exercise regime is suffering from having such a hectic social life. + All this bad food = not good. Need to get that back on track. Although I did come in the other night from consoling Nat and still did 2 sets of 15 sits ups and 2 sets of 20 a side sideway lift things.
AND my chocolate consumption is noticably reduced which is amazing.
Alaya threatened me with no dessert yesterday. My response?
I dont need more dessert - I need more exercise.
Aliens have indeed attempted to steal my brain (but apparently Codaniel has it safe so thats ok)
Hehe - Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. LMAO I love the YOU FAIL at FAILING sign thingy there!!! That was so my day too. MUPPETNESS RULES!! <3 and hugs!


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