Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bad blogger...very bad blogger

Hello. Yes I have been absolutly disgraceful and havnt let you observe the inner workings of my strange little mind for over a week. Apologies. I have been very busy with work handover, last minute trip preperations, helping out with the Stag Do, a certain someone ;) and a couple of mini projects that I'm planning. Ah where is all the time going!?

So whats been happening of late. Last Thursday went to visit one of our projects in a prision which was...eye opening to say the least. I was very conscious of giving off the "goldfish in a bowl" feeling. The lads who let us look at their cells were lovely but I felt really intrusive. This is someone who is just going about his day and theres me, some random person coming in to stare at them. Well obviously thats not why I was there but still.....not a very comfortable feeling.
On the same day I lost my iPhone in Greenwich grabbing lunch with Kirsty. I thought "Well thats it, its gone" only to have the guy that found it answer the phone and hang around in Peckham (for those out of London: Very rough area of South London. We drove past a guy that had been stabbed and a huge accident) for nigh on 2 hours to return it to me. And it didnt even have a scratch on it! I was so greatful I gave him a hug! Totally boosted my faith in humanity. Kirsty thinks he was an Angel. And to be honest - he may well have been :)

Me and Sami have the Forks section of our trip planned! Thank goodness for modern technology being able to chat online and book things at the same time, hehe. We're going to be SUCH fangirls when we get there - we can see it coming! I promise there will be untold amounts of pictures being taken. Seriously this blogs going to be on meltdown when I go to America.

It's my final few days at work. Last day is Thursday. I am actually really sad to go. It's going to be so weird not working with Lisa and Kirsty. And the thought has kinda hit home that I dont have another job to go to....but its ok. I have faith that everything happens for a reason. It probably wouldn't hurt to try and get a few applications off though.

I have been helping plan the "embarresment factor" of my friend's stag do. Mwah ha ha! He will regret asking for my involvement! I wont post too much just in case he reads this but I will be sure to post photos that I have requested from the lads going afterwards. *Chuckles*

Hmm what else. Not too much interesting to be honest. Tonight I'm off to see 30 Seconds to Mars at Wembly though! Thats mega exciting! Will let you know what it was like at some indeterminate point in the future.

Its going to be mighty cold getting there though. Sarah is not a fan of this evil winter and wants it to be Spring already!

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