Monday, 15 February 2010

Kirsty is amazing!

I just want to tell the world how amazing Kirsty is.

Seriously - this girl is awesome! She is a fantastic listener, always has an open ear to hear me ramble on about my random crap.

And she's never judgemental or anything. She has some of the best advice I've ever heard and totally gets how my weird little brain works.

I sometimes feel that I do prattle on and dump a load of stuff on her so Kirst I just wanna say you are frickin amazing girl! Thank you so much. I'm gonna miss you tons when I leave!

She has these amazing little pearls of wisdom. And she tells them to me in such an amazing, down to earth way that makes so much sense and always really helps with whatever my little imploding brain is trying to deal with.

"Sometimes you have to be a little bit broken to be a little bit fixed"
"Women have pop-ups and you need to deal with the pop up before you can close it and move on"
"Your like a garden and you just need a bit of pruning"

I tell you - the womans a genius!

She is also amazing at finding super funny cool stuff on YouTube! Kirsty please continue to send me random stuff on YouTube via email!

On a complete side note...I think I broke the flying alarm clock. I smushed it this morning and the properller may be broken. Oh dear! hehe

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