Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dream home

Whilst looking for something completly unrelarted on Google I have found what I would love my perfect room to look like. I never realised WHAT I wanted to look like before until I saw these pictures. I'm officially in love.

A bath.
In a stone grotto.
Surrounded by wood.
And its purple.
With flowers.
And an open fire.


I think its some form of "Anniversary hotel" in Geneva or something. I dont care. I'm stealing the ideas for my (currently nonexistant) house.
It's like a fairy tale without being cheesy. *Gah* Why are us girls such saps huh? Oh right, answered my own question - BECAUSE we are girls! hehe. It's a part of us, I dont care how much this or that girl acts all independet and "hard" etc etc, I believe every girl just wants the fairytale.

And look! It has a little balcony and its quite clearly in the middle of a forest. And even the stones and that are purple. Its so gorgeous!

On a completly unrelated note I came across a very interesting group on Facebook called "Join if you want these stairs in your house" I was intrigued and clicked on it.

LOOK what it is!:

Talk about unbelivably cool!

Right, off to pick Becca up from the airport in a little while. I wish I drove. I dont mind getting trains everywhere having lived in London forever but I feel bad making other people who are used to the comfort of an automobile drive. Apologies in advance McBex!

By the way it is a beatifully sunny evening. Freezing cold and a few grey clouds but mainly bright blue skies and strong sunshine. Gorgeous!


  1. Oh, I love that bedroom too. What hotel is this? And in Geneva? not the place Sonia lives..? Please say it is... :D

    I saw the picture of the brown stairs before. It's totally cool. I've been thinking if we could build upstairs for this house, I'd want a slide down. :D Seriously. The kids would be too busy sliding down to mess up the whole house. :D

  2. Oh please hon!
    I rarely drive my car, public trasport FTW! I just pick people up in it from the airport cuz it's easier with suitcases, but trains are great! You get to chat away without someone being distracted while trying to drive :)

  3. @Becca - tis very true. Would've been very hard to sing and dance to "I'm bringing Spexy back!" whilst driving! :)

    @Maria umm I think Geneva in Switzerland. I dont know I was too busy staring at the pics to read the website. I think everyone with kids should receive a grant to build those stairs! :)


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