Thursday, 10 December 2009


Tired, sleepy, generally wanting to go back to bed. Definintly think I have vampire/nocturnal tendencies. I love mornings but generally only when I'm stumbling my way through them and back to bed after the night before! :)

Dont get me wrong I do love the daytime but I seem to function much better at night. Or maybe I function less well and am under the misguided impression that it is well.....hmmm

So I am anxiously NOT staring at the phone waiting for a text message....I am NOT anxiously waiting for the arrival of the iPhone. I am NOT a little bit worried about going out for dinner tonight with group of friends within which there are tensions. So if I am NOT doing all of these things what am I doing? Well I'm actually not a) Working when I should be b) Writing a job application c) Preparing for a telephone interview - any of the above would be beneficial to me.

Ho hum.

Current annoyances:

  • Someone deleting something off my memory stick which granted I may have accidently said to do and granted I probably do have saved elsewhere but regardless an apology would not kill you!
  • Someone complaining and moaning and generally being a bit "Kevin the teenager-esque" when I try and do soemthing nice for them
  • The continual knowledge that I am completly un-appreicated and un-trusted in my job

Current happinesses (yeah its a word....)

  • Just overheard the funniest thing in the office:
"My friend got caught trying to smuggle dope into Amsterdam"

  • It's only 15 days until Christmas! I love Christmas!
  • I am yet to get stressed about all the things I am NOT doing today. Lets see if that still holds true around 8pm tonight...

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