Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Good morning! (Well afternoon) Hello and welcome to the first post of my shiny new blog.

I'm Sarah (Saz, Sazzle, Drama Queen - whatever really)

This is one of those things I'd planned to do for years and never got round to. I've only ever had one blog before and that wasnt very succesful (BTW if anyone did follow that I did give up chocolate for the full month and raised around £800 in total for the Haemophilia Society)

As I say in my introduction there is no sole purpose for this blog. There is no reason other than for my own amusement and to ponder lifes "mysteries" things like "Why do I never wash my tea mug up the night before and instead leave it to get skanky the next day?"

I've put the "adult content" warning on because I cant promise that I will restrain from the odd swear words or the like. Must protect the innocent and all that....

Feel free to leave comments and postings. Hope you enjoy the randomness that is the inner workings of my mind! :)

Picture for the day:

My philosophy all over really! When in doubt - eat chocolate :)

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