Saturday, 12 December 2009


So the  iPhone arrived (yay!) but the text message did not...

To be honest I'm not that bothered. Yes I'm bothered because "Hello???" an explanation at least would be nice. But then I also think "Hey I'm 6 years younger - not exactly what he went out looking for is it?" so in the words of many email forward "Do not be sad because it is because it happened" Which is what I'm doing.

Been thinking a lot about poitivity and attitudes to life recently. Basically I try really hard to always look on the positive side. And I really dont mean that in a cheezy or untrue way. In the last year or so I've done a lot of growing up and I've come to the concusion that life is just too short. We can go through life unhappy and stressing the small stuff or we could smile, be the bigger person, step away from the bad situation and live your life a happier person. And even the bigger stuff. Money, love, houses, career etc. Everything happens for a reason and everything happens when its meant to. I dont mean sit around on your arse and wait for life to hand you what you want on a golden platter, you have to work to get what you want but I mean things like why be upset because you didnt get an interview for that job you really wanted? That oviously wasnt the job for you so move on and apply for the next one just as hard as you did before.

Why worry about money? You cant take it with you when you go so as long as your relativly sensible dont worry or feel guilty about spending money - especially on those you love or little treats to brighten your day. If it'll make someone smile why not?

You know it could be so easy to wallow in self depression. To focus on the bad and to let yourself get wrapped up in the crap life can deal you. But why would it be so much harder to remember the times that made you laugh uncontrollably, to feel like the bigger person and to count the ones you love and who love you? Take my current snapshot on life. Would I rather think:

"I dont have a boyfriend, I still live at home, my job sucks, I hardly ever see my friends, I dont drive, the weather sucks, I've got a cold" blah blah blah moan moan bitch OR

"There are a number of guys who in the last 2 months have found me very attractive and I can continue to have my self confidence boosted on a daily basis if I so choose by smiling at that cute guy without feeling guilty, I save loads each month to go towards my own place, I've learnt so much in my current job and made some AMAZING friends, my friends are all focussing on making their lives amazing and I'm happy for them, my driving instructor thinks I'm an above average pupil so I'll be passing in no time, I get to wrap up warm in hoodies, I've got a cold" yay smile laugh. Ok so the cold sucks and is still in there but it'll be gone in a few days (hopefully...)

So I guess the point of this particulat random rambling (I did warn you when I started this blog) is to smile, dont sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff for that matter) and just remember that the sun will rise again tommorow and things always look better in the morning.

Stay positive *hugs*

Hehe Googled "Positivity" and this was the first pic to come up! :) Remind you of anything???

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