Wednesday, 9 December 2009

iPhone and Selfridges

Yay! First follower! Thank you Janny :)

So today I decided on my new phone. Yes the iPhone must be mine! Yes I continue being on an expensive contract, yes for the next 2 years, yes I had to pay an extra £87 to get the 16GB one to actually fit my music and videos on, yes I will probably spend far too much on applications but but but....its so pretty! And fun! Whos taking bets that I'll be bored of it within a week?

Also today went into Selfridges, Oxford Street for the first time in my life (and you live in London!? I hear you cry). I desperatly needed to find a decent concealer and foundation and stop using the cheap crap that I continue to buy from Superdrug. Also it will be my Christmas prezzies from my Aunt who has no idea what to buy me. So I walked in and...So many makeup counters! So many choices! Kid, candy store - you get the picture. In the end went for Benefit because I know them, know my aunt likes them and generally trust them as a brand.

Woman was lovely, made me all up and I felt really bad for not buying anything there and then but what can ya do? They'll also get an eyebrow pencil thing and a lipstick out of me when my aunt does buy them though so its all good in my book.

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