Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ok so first of all: Job update

So I went for an interview to go back to Face to Face fundraising. Not an ideal choice but it was quick to start, I had experience and it paid well. (I'm sure that's a TWSS) Well they offered me an admin role in the office instead. Score! Again still not exactly first choice but its a job, beggars cant be choosers.

Had a manic weekend getting to and from Oli's Wedding thanks to the Iceland Volcano. (Cheers Iceland. So you destoy my ISA savings AND my travel plans. Remind me never to visit you...)

Me and Laura basically did 4 nations, 2 countries in 48 hours. On 2 ferries, 4 cars and 2 trains in total. Could've been worse I suppose as journeys go. And it was so totally worth it. The wedding was stunning, they both looked beautiful, the speeches were the most honest and loving I've ever heard, food amazing and the dancing as always amazingly fun! (Dan and Oli I'm looking at you here!) There will be videos when I get them uploaded! :)

So the new jobs going well. I think I'm kinda over experienced to be honest but its nice not to have too much stress. The sucky thing is the holiday entitlement. This is turn meant that I was going to have trouble getting back to Fort Collins in June and August as planned.

Then Mummy dearest turned round and said "Instead of flying back and forth, why dont you just stay out there?" I thought about it and realised because I have some money left over from before and I got this job straight away - it might actually be possible! I was SOOO excited! Especially as it was a really rough day yesterday in terms of missing him.

And then I wasnt expecting to speak to him until this morning and he called me out of the blue (yay! I love it when lil things like that happen!) so I told him and my goodness you've never heard anyone so excited!

So as the plan stands at the mo I'll work until June then fly to America for 3 months! Woop woop! Now just need to inform work...I think I might leave that until Monday...

Cutest thing ever (and a sign of Oli's Facebook addiction) iPhone cupcakes! SOOO cute!

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