Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's all booked!

Flights are booked - heading back to Fort Collins on Sat 5th June! I was going to spend a weekend with the fabulous McMegs in Chi-Town but unfortunatly dates/time off work for both of us etc just didnt allow it. Boo :(

But I know this is not the only oppurtunity and we will be staying in contact loads while I'm there. Woo hoo!

I'll be working right up until I leave pretty much which does kinda suck but at the same time is pretty good financially. Another major bonus will be getting this bit of money back from the taxman for overpaying for the last 2 years. WOOP WOOP! It's definitly coming about at the right time!

Jobs going great. Its nice and easy, people are lovely, days actually go pretty quick seeing as I leave at 5 and mornings tend to fly by anyway so thats cool.

Tommorow is me, Janna and Alaya's Trio Anniversary. (The day we all became friends) 9 years! A Trio of Trios. I can't believe it. We've been through so much in that time and to see that we're still the closest of friends is amazing in my eyes. Then on Saturday we'll be meeting up with the other two lovely ladies Zakiyyah and Holly who form The Girlies and having a wonderful day trekking over London to find the Elephants!

The Trio

Ma Girlies!

Finally I just want to end by saying how infinitly proud I am of Codaniel. I dont think he reads my blog but I know he knows it. I tell him often enough! Yesterday was a big day for him and I really wish I could've been there to take him out to dinner between his two crazy work shifts. We did speak on the phone for a good long length of time though and that was lovely!

He truly has made a huge accomplishment. I'm so happy to see him happy and content in his life and able to continue becoming the amazing person that he is.

I'm proud to be a part of his life. I love you Snowflake!

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