Sunday, 11 April 2010


Firstly: Apologies again. I know bad blogger etc. *Slap on wrist*

So Forks was AMAZING! First we went to Port Angeles and of course went to Bella Italia. Sami had the Mushroom Raviolli which was really good, and I had the coke. Driving in to Forks afterwards it was pitch black and pouring with rain, so eerie cos the mountains would just appear out of the gloom. Spooky.

The next day walking around Forks and seeing all the places such as the High School and Swan House was really cool. Forks is a slightly strange town IMHO but you can see they've really got on board with the Twilight stuff but not so much that its like Disneyland or something. You dont really need more than a day there in my opinion. For me the most amazing thing was First Beach at La Push - even if we did get soaked by the waves! The scenery was absolutly breath taking. The mountains, the waves. Just wow.

Then the following day driving back to Seattle we could really appreciate the scenery. The photos do NOT do it justice. Driving past the lakes they looked so beautiful and clear and calm we both said we'd love to swim in it. Then we looked each other and thought... "F it!" So we pulled over, feeling slightly crazy but thinking this was all about making the most of a trip of a lifetime...and both being glad that we were equally insane! Well we got down to the water, I went in up to my ankles and I swear I thought I was going to lose my feet! It was SO cold that swimming was out of the question. But it was fun to at least contemplate.

This of course then caused us to miss our damn flight. However everything happens for a reason because we then met James Marsters at the airport!
I was on the phone to Codaniel and said "Either James Marsters or his identical twin brother just walked past me" After much umming and ahing Sami was like "Just go!" so I went up to him, crouched down in front of him and said "Umm I really hope you are otherwise I'm going to be really embarresed but...are you James Marsters?" And he smiled and said yes and shook my hand! So then I sat and chatted to him for a good 5 minutes or so. he said he really liked my teeth! I got someone to take a picture of us (and didnt have to pay £35 for the priveliage! Hehe) and chatted away about fame, his music and that I apparently was making him look really cool. I was SO starstruck but excited! Then afterwards I called Codaniel back to tell him it was indeed James Marsters then remembered that I had decided James Marsters was on my list and I hadnt even mentioned it! I must really love Codaniel huh? :)

Then LA was super awesome. It was RAINING when we got up but luckily developed into gorgeous sunshine. Universal Studios was fab, the tour was so cool and the rides amazing.

Then we went to Hollywood. It was so cool seeing the sign and the stars, like being in a movie! I do kinda wish I'd planned longer in LA. In my head I was there for 2 days *duh* forgetting I was leaving early in the morning. Oh well, guess I'll have to make my way back there someday. As well as New York, Chicago, South Carolina etc.

And hopefully Sami can come to London one day. I'm so excited to show my Lexlings around London!

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  1. It's a very lovely account of your encounter with James.:) I loved it !
    And your picture with him is too cute for words.



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