Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Why I bitch...

Man I really can be a bitch sometimes. And I hate most on those that have hurt me (woman scorned and all that...)

But...there is a very good reason why I spew venom and hatred on one subject in particular. I was told last night I have a "specific tone of rant" for this subject. Now that's saying something.

And its not because I have the most amount of hatred for you. Its not because I enjoy mocking your current frame of mind or updates. Far from it. I don't even do it because I think that's what others might want to hear.

I do it because if I hear myself say these things enough I might just start to believe them. And then it might not hurt so damn bad all the time....

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  1. Aint no one fucks with tiny hippo. Remember that. xx


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