Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Old friends

It hurts that we lost, what I thought were such strong friendships.

It hurts that they didn't fight for me, or seem to care that I was gone from their lives.

It hurts that I wasn't there to celebrate with them on the happiest days of their lives.

I want so bad to get in touch again...but I can only fight so hard for people that wouldn't fight for me. I'm sure they see it differently, but that's my truth, and you can either choose to believe it or disregard it.

It seems that I was so easily replaced. But I haven't yet worked out by who.

It hurts that one of them should be my best friend no matter what.

But it hurts most that she has't even heard my side of it yet. That she doesn't seem to care either.

The one person who should hear out my side, but actually should be on my side regardless.

She spends more time with them than she does with me.

The memories and lost friends I can get over. Because times change and things move on.

But what should be an unshakeable relationship that seems to be lost by the day....that's what really hurts.

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