Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brief Update

Yet again with the bad blogging. Bad. bad blogger! So here is a brief rundown on my world and life. Some important, some random - like most of the blog really :)

1) I'm not sure I'm liking this new blogger layout/templates etc. I dont do change dammit!

2) I had a blog post all drafter on my iphone and ready to post...and the iphone died losing it forever :( I will try and repost the gist of it at some point.

3) New York was AMAZING! Again I have a couple of posts in mind and havn't got round to them. Yes I know I suck. One in particular will be about movie sets and/or Greenwich and its wonders.

4) How addicted am I to Drawsomething? Even with my sucky drawing skills. I loves it!

5) Equally addicted to Pinterest...come join me on there, its awesome!

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6) Due to said addiction with Pinterest I am currnetly on a Buffy and Doctor Who revivial. But I am being good about watching them as I am currently obsessed with Dharma and Greg, although it is a pain to have to watch them online. Grr.

7) My sister got engaged! Happy times! Kind of a weird one to deal with but none-the-less I am super excited and happy!

8) "Some dates are a waste of good make up" ....just don't ask about that front.

9) Work is killing me. 10 hour days, crazy amounts of work. Its just not on. Can I be a professional blogger/pinterester/facebooker/twitterer and just sit with my coffee in front of a computer all day? Although have to say HOW proud am I of myself and my manager for getting TWO of our runners interviewed on the BBC on Marathon Day?! (Clue: Very)

10) Mumsies big 5.0 birthday was on Tuesday and we went to see Sweeny Todd. Go see it, its amazing! (And I promise not overly gory at all - trust me, I hate all gore)

So ummmm yeah that's about all my updates for now. These are things that I am/was going to do blog posts on and if I don't get round to it, at least they are here in bitesize chunks of info. Because I know how much you need to know every detail of my ever so interesting life ;)

Right. Tea and Jaffa cakes now me thinks. Farewell gentle reader.

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