Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mums Pirate Party

I've wanted to do this post since Mum's birthday and I thought if I don't do it now, it won't get done!

So this year was a big one for Mum, the big 5-0! Me and my sister have had many parties in the garden, using the gazebo Mum bought for the original - my 21st. We knew we had to throw her a party too. And our Mum being our Mum it had to be...a Pirate Party!

Overal we were pretty pleased with how it turned out. Best of all everyone went along with the Pirate/Nautical theme which was awesome!

Here are some of the highlights of the day, and our inspirations for them (Thank you Pinterest!)

The Decorations
Amazon and eBay were very much our friends with these. From Pirate bunting, to wall decals, to inflatable seagulls we had it all covered.

The signs were done with tea-staining. We would have also burnt the edges as we did with the invitation but we ran out of time.

The drink table was based on one we saw on Pinterest. I'm willing to bet the Pinterest one took a lot of planning and a trip to a DIY store. Me and my sister did it with stuff we had in the house in about 20minutes flat. Cos we're THAT good!


It's a shame you can't actually see in this photo, but there is a bow, complete with Mermaid! :)

I Googled a simple rum punch and then just decided to make our own. It's very simple.

2 parts Captain Morgans spiced rum
1 part Ginger beer
1 part Tropical juice

And in fairness we wern't measuring...we just chucked it all in the punchbowl until it tasted good. And although most people said it was a little strong, it was being put away very quickly!

In fact if I'd've known it was going to be that popular I wouldn't've botherd with wine and beer (which was barely touched) and just made twice as much punch! We did feel it necessary to include a sign with the warn kids and those driving away from it!

We commissioned Cakings to put together the Pirate cake. We had seen a few ideas on Pinterest, and under Cakings expert advice they created....THIS!

The Pirate Cupcakes were an added bonus, and it you want to learn how to male them there is a tutorial on the Cakings blog.

So overall, a very successful party!

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