Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What to say...about today?

Sooo...this was meant to be much better, and encapsulate the enormity of the complicated feelings going on in my head and heart today.

As it is I havnt actually had much time to work on this - probably a good thing granted.

But anyway, here is my (pretty shitty) attempt to touch on today. Remember I am not and never claimed to be a poet ;)

Let's raise a glass one and all
To the things that rise
And the things that fall

Here's to the things
That shouldve been
The wishes i wished
And the dreams that I dreamed

Because life isn't easy
Life isn't fair
I ended up here
When I thought I'd be there

'It happens for a reason'
Is the things that I'm told
It's starting to get weary,
Starting to get old.

I KNOW that it does
That I'm better off out
But that doesn't stop the hurt
The pain and the clout.

So on this day in march
That should have been the start
I'm picking up the pieces
And slowly healing my heart

So let's raise a glass
To the new me I am
The smile on my face
And the lessons learnt
Because I know that im strong
I'm still standing tall
So with that in mind
Raise a glass...one and all

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