Saturday, 26 March 2011

America pros and cons

There are many things I love about America. I love the wide variety, so many differnt scenery backdrops, weathers, cultures and ways of living. From big cities to tiny little towns consisiting of 3 houses and a store there's almost every way of living you could imagine.

I love the food, everything really is bigger in America (and I can hear you making crude comments already) so I love being able to eat my fill and still have enough to take home! Theres so many different cuisines both with actual resturants and take away places. Not to mention its reasonably priced. Comparing Fort Collins prices to London probably isnt too comparable but I do enjoy knowing I dont have to take out a loan to eat out! :D

I love the people. Again this may not be comparable to London, and it may be because I'm not a native but I have (on the whole) found everyone to be extremely helpful and friendly. Especially in Fort Collins where you can easily start up a conversation with someone on the street and not be thought a crazy.

I love how there are drive through everything! Restuarants, coffee shops, postboxes, BANKS! (Thats gotta be my favorite)

However there are many things that are driving me a tad crazy and I just needed a little rant about them.

Healthcare system...ugh! If you dont have insurance (which is terribly expensive to start off with) you dont want to go to the hospital or doctors unless your actually missing an appendage or something! So if you've got a lump or bump your common sense tells you you should get checked out (this is just for instance - no one panic please) you dont because it might be nothing and your $1000 out of pocket. Not to mention the price of prescriptions, even things like birth control. The amount of women who dont use it because its too expensive.

I will never complain about the NHS again!

I hate that you have to have a car to get anywhere and public transportation is just not even a consideration. Not to mention the fact that because of that almost anyone can get a license. Yeeeaaah lets give kids age 15 and old ladies age 89 the ability to drive a 2 ton machine capable of killing people.

Again as much as having to take umpteen lessons and a rigorous test, give me UK driving tests anytime!

I hate that the passport office has NO IDEA what ID you need to apply for a passport and is messing with Codaniel's application. In fact how most people in positions of authority generally have very little idea of whats going on and seem to just want to mess with you all the time.

I'm deeply concerned about immigration when I come back over here to get married as apparently the only reason you would want to get married in America is to live here illegally (eyeroll - get over yourselves!)

Ok, so you can probably guess that I'm a little frustrated with many institutions in America at the moment.  Apologies for any offence caused to my lovely American friends and American readers. Its just a rant...promise, I'll be fine later!


  1. sweetie, if you, a Brit, experiencing "immigration issues" on getting married to an American guy, what more on people from Asian from the Philippines (a third world country) who want to get married to their loved-ones who happen to be from the US too? *Sigh* I have friends having that hard time in applying because immigration thought, like what you said, marrying for the sake of living here. I don't get Immigration stuffs too.

    *HUGS!* Glad you're enjoying US =)

  2. Goodness, I couldnt even imagine. Stupid government and red tape and all this BS.

    Grrr to the governments! I think we should overthrough them! Lexily unite! :D

  3. Haha my Fiance' always talks about how he loves the variety to! No offense here, I agree with everything you say :)


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