Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Most amusing wedding clips ever!


Ok, so I want to share a BRILLIANT Youtube Video with you, but before I do I want to show you the video that I am 98% certain inspired it (although I'm sure the creators would never admit it)

I saw this while I was in America, linked from a blog or forum (I dont remember which) It seriously is watching all the way through. But come back to me because theres much better to come!

So, for those of you who may not know there is to be a Wedding. No I'm not talking about mine this time! I'm referring to the Royal Wedding on 29th April 2011 of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Its a very big affair in the UK, we've even been given the day off work! (Except its only really benficial if your salaried staff meaning you stil get paid. As a temp, I'm just glad of the lay in!)

T-Mobile is a big mobile phone provider and have recently had some amazing adverts, including flash mobs, people being sang to at arrivals in Heathrow and now...THIS!

The most amazing thing is just HOW alike the actors are to the real Royal Family. Its quite unique - I can only imagine that auditon process!

But what really prompted me to post was this article I then read. I love America, but God bless 'em - some people really need to get out  of they're bubbles just a wee bit! :D

Anyway, heres to my slightly alternative Patriotic post.

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton
....even if it is a tad early!

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  1. I've seen the T-mobile thing!!! I can't wait for the royal wedding, wish I could watch it and it wasn't the day I was moving house!!!!


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