Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The joys of Wedding planning

So I just found an awesome show called "Whose Wedding is it Anyway" Goodness me there are some fights going on! The first episode was a double wedding for two sisters who had completely opposite views for the wedding, fought over everything, jealousy, cat fights - jeesh! I have to say I love my sister to PIECES but I would never have a shared wedding with her. Your wedding is about your day, and sharing it with the person you've probably fought more with in your life than anyone else is just a recipe for disaster.

Although I have to say when you say them all dancing together at the end it was very cute. My personal hats off goes to the Wedding Planner though. One bride wanted purples the other wanted hot pink and the wedding planner pulled it all together and it looked REALLY good! I was trying to find a picture of the wedding party but I coudlnt. I did however find this, one bride wanted the cake, the other cupcakes so they did both in their respective wedding colours.

Theres another show called "Say Yes to the Dress" and I have to say I feel so sorry for some of these brides who are clearly regretting the entourage they brought with them to try on the most expensive outfit they'll ever wear. ( will be for me anyway!)

Like the girl who couldnt decide what she wanted and when she finally fell in love with a dress was met with a "meh" response. Or the girl who wanted a modest, A-line dress with a slightly higher neckline that would cover a scar but whose younger twin brothers wanted her to wear something "low cut, figure hugging and sexy" that she was clearly uncomfortable in because of her scar.

So this leads me to my biggest piece of wedding planning advice. Know when to ask for advice, and who to ask it from 

For example Dont ask someone who has only ever eaten beans on toast to help choose the menu. Dont ask someone who hands you clothes that you know will look awful on you to come with you to try on your dress. However DO ask that relative that spent 3 years working in a florists to help choose the flowers and do ask that person that dishes up the most mouthwatering desserts to  choose (or even make) the cake.

Of course some things there should be no arguing with, like mum and maid of honour coming with you to get the dress. Luckily my best girls know exactly what looks good on me so there are no worries there and I cant WAIT to try on dresses!

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  1. I have had the passion for event planning for as long as I can remember. I hear the words " party, wedding, event" and my blood starts flowing up to my branins and kicks into overdrive liek propellers of an airplane and does not shut till after the day of the event. I must say this to the brides:" Don't sweat the small stuff". I have learned the meaning of the word GRATITUDE in the most magnanamous way. The happness and cheers, smiles,heartfelt gratitude and tears of joy makes it a truly rewarding career. We must however, ALWAYS remember to give GOD the glory! As the scripture says:" seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness and ALL things will be added to you (including a grand, perfect werdding lol)


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