Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day 6: Five Things You Can Eat Everyday

Mmmm going to talk about food...dangerous. Nomnomnom

1) Fresh bread (or at least warm) with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar dip
I LOVE vinegar. My dips are generally one part oil with about 5 parts vinegar! The warmer and fresher the bread the better. Mmmm I really could live on this forever!

2) Chocolate
To be fair, since I've been in America I've not eaten as much as I normally do. A few reasons: American chocolate sucks (sorry America - its true!) so I'm savouring my UK chocolate I brought with me. Some US chocolate is ok, but its the expensive stuff (naturally) There are a couple of stores here in FoCo that have British Chocolate but because of import fees etc they're horrendously overpriced in my opinion and I cant bring myself to do it!

3) Fish and Chips
Nomnomnom! Best take away food EVER. Again, with the chips practically swimming in vinegar. And a saveloy on the side. Mmmm! I'm so glad theres a "British" Fish and Chip shop here in FoCo. Its not quite the same, but still really good. Not to mention the fact that my baby makes damn good Fish and Chips!

4) Nice cuppa' tea
Everything can be solved with a nice cup a tea. Tea wake you up in the morning, gets you through the work  day, comforts you when your ill and de-stresses you in horrible situations. It can even revive the Doctor and the TARDIS. Magical stuff!

5) Biscuits/cookies
I felt the need to clarify with cookies as I am talking about sweet, normally chocolate covered biscuits that are to be dunked in the aforementioned Nice cuppa tea! This is as opposed to the bread like fluffy biscuit that comes coated in sausage gravy.

Hehe, whilst looking for this picture of David Tennant I found this excellent one too. We'd have such a great first date...sorry Codaniel, I'm kidding I promise! (He is on my list though...)

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