Monday, 7 February 2011

Engagement Photos Competetion

So as any of you who have, or who are planning a wedding - those things cost a pretty penny! Being an Event Organiser, knowing lots of people who are planning weddings, and being able to save in £'s and pay in $'s are all helpful additions but regardless - we need to save money where we can!

So imagine me and Codaniel's delight when this competition, run by Eric and Moriah Photography popped up in a Facebook sidebar advert. (Yes! They are occasionally VERY helpful!)

Win $750 worth of photos, including them on a CD AND a guestbook! Perfect!

We really want to get engagement photos done, but really don't have the money to do so. The comepetion requires us to enter our 'Valentine'  which will be judged on the "Most creative and overall 'sweetest' couple"

We worked really hard on our entry, both playing to our strengths and helping each other out, tweaking here and there and THIS is our finished result.

Click to enlarge

We're really proud of it, and really think its a strong candidate to win.


Eric and Moriah encourage people to comment on the entries. We're not certain if these comments will heavily influence the judging or not, but other entries seem to have a lot of friends and family commenting on them. "Clear winners" "Amazing entry" "Adorable couple" etc etc

So we would REALLY appreciate any comments, "likes" etc to on our entry on Eric and Moriah's Facebook page 

Now its a bit of a faff. You have to log into Facebook and "like" Eric and Moriah photography" before you can comment. But be assured, we will really REALLY appreciate it. And if we win you will be rewarded with....well...seeing our engagement photos! :D

Which granted isnt the most amazing thing, so perhaps instead you will comment out of the goodness of your heart? An act of kindness, paying it forward and who knows - maybe the Universe will return the favor?

And before I disappear I just want to say a HUGE thank you to our lovely friends who have already commented and "liked" You guys definitely have the more original comments over the other entries! You are awesome and we love you!

So if you have 2 minutes to spare...please please please help our entry, allow us to win, and mean we have an extra $750 towards our Wedding fund!

(And if nothing it for the cute cat pictures! I even included one of Jasper :D)

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  1. BUT OF COURSE!! *off to FB and like and comment all in favor of my Sarah and Cody*

    PS: Yes, I love you dearly and there's no way I won't do it BUT Jasper's cutie-ness added to my "intention" to go to the page and cheer you!! <3


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