Friday, 18 February 2011

Wedding Plans thus far

Ok, so I talk a lot - especially when I'm exited about things! And because of this I've TOTALLY lost track of who I've told what to about our Wedding ideas so far.

So to stop me going crazy, repeating myself etc here are the "plans" as of today. Btw though - nothings booked yet. We're seeing venues and things next week so these are just "in an ideal world - this is what we're aiming for" plans!

March 26th 2012 
!) Exactly two years after the first day we officially "met" (as in, 'in person')

2) Will *hopefully* be nice weather, yet not quite the peak Wedding season meaning we pay 3 times over the odds for everything!

America, ideally in Estes Park 
A beautiful town/National Park in the heart of the mountains, about 90mins from Fort Collins
1) Codaniel's family is much bigger than mine. Either way people will be paying to fly and if its only 4 people vs about 40 we may be able to help with their flight costs by block booking seats or something

2) London is crowded and polluted and sometimes downright dingy! My first thought to describe anywhere in the city for a Wedding venue is not beautiful! The Rocky Mountains still dont fail to take my breath away every morning when I see them and they look different. I've always loved the idea of an out door wedding, and with the mountains as the backdrop - I cant think of anything more beautiful!

And thats as far as we've got with the "important" stuff. I'm trying to do as much of the planning, in terms of meeting suppliers, whilst I'm here. Good job my background is in Events isnt it otherwise I'd look a bit like this right now!

I suppose the only real downside to the Wedding being in America is that a lot of my friends who I would love to be there, sadly wont.

Its a lot to ask and many people just wont be able to afford the flights, hotel etc or take the time off work. I understand that, and dont expect anyone to "have" to come. I just hope my side wont be completely empty!

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  1. Loving reading your blog right now. :) Are you planning on going over to the States on a K1 visa, or just getting married there then both coming back to the UK to live? Hope it's all going well for you guys! Oh, and how did you meet? Not sure if I skipped that post but would love to hear the story! :) You guys are a very cute couple.



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