Tuesday, 22 February 2011

10 day challenge

So sometimes I have so many blog ideas, I don't have time to blog them all (and often dont!) Right now theres some random thoughts flittering around my mind, but nothing of substance to write about really. 

So for the next 10days (ish...you saw how the 30 day challenge panned out!) I will be blogging about the following.  

Day 1: Ten Things You Wanted/Want To Be When You’re Older
Day 2: Nine Things You Can’t Live Without
Day 3: Eight Places You Want To Visit
Day 4: Seven People Who Inspire You, and Why?
Day 5: Six of Your Favorite Books
Day 6: Five Things You Can Eat Everyday
Day 7: Four Songs That Describe Your Life Right Now
Day 8: Three favorite Cartoon Characters
Day 9: Two Movies You Absolutely Love
Day 10: One Quote That Describes Your Life Right Now


  1. Sarah!! This is a great one! =) I'm thinking what to blog these past few weeks and this came up hehe. Let's do this!

    Miss you! <3

  2. I've just read your "30 Days" meme, and I think I'll do it! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


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