Monday, 5 March 2012

Beauty stuffs - mascara

One of my favourite bloggers ever is Louise; Sprinkle of Glitter. I don't even remember how I stumbled across her blog but I'm so glad I did. She's British so is able to review and recommend British brands and the good old Boots deals which we of course love! Her videos and blogs make me smile with her randomness, positive attitude - and great beauty advice!

You can find her blog at and she is also on Twitter and Facebook.

This is one of her most recent videos where she states she is a "mascara whore" and asks for recommendations. I can relate to that muchly and started to write a far too long comment in response, deleted it and instead did a bit of a random blog post, because as you know I'm not normally about beauty etc because...quite simply I'm no expert at it and I learn all my stuff from gurus such as Louise and my wonderful Lexling Janny. (Check out her blog too if you don't already - we loves her!)

So Louise's mascara video is here: (I hope she doesn't mind me embedding it, I do like to get a bit fancy with embedding videos in my blog. If you mind Louise let me know and I'll just leave the link in instead)

So my response to Louise and my current mascara 'whoreings' are as follows:

First of all - I am quite a big lover of Maybelline mascaras. These are the three I am currently using.

"The Colossal Volume Express" - Yellow bottle.
This is one I've been using for many years and is sort of my mascara fail safe. I find the mascara doesn't clump on the bristles very much - even on the current one that I've had for AGES (I don't remember buying it!) and it fans my lashes out nicely.

"The Falsies Volume Express" - Purple bottle
I love this one because it really does appear to lengthen my lashes. I don't really know how, especially as my lashes arn't that long to start off with but its great! I find the tip a little thick for me to get to my tiny stuby lashes in the corners but that might be just me.

"The One by One Volume Express" - Pink/peach bottle
This one I'm not as sure about. It does separate my lashes out but it feels a little "rough" if that makes sense and it kinda sets my teeth on edge. I use this if I'm going for a very subtle look.

"YSL - Volume effect"
When I first got this as a gift I liked it more. Its ve-he-rey thick and I often find myself with clumps on my eyelids in the corners - but this could just as easily be due to my lack of skill. In Louise's words it is not "ageing gracefully" and has gone dry and quite clumpy with age. Shame because I think it was probably pretty expensive.

"Benefit - Bad Gal lash"
I have to say this is possibly my favourite at the moment. Again a gift so I don't know how much it costs (reason #2315 why I'm not a beauty blogger - most of my makeup are gifts, I dont buy myself much often!) - being Benefit it may be kinda pricey. I love the brush because its very soft, and tapers down into a fairly fine point which makes my clumsy hand a lot easier to get to the tiny corner lashes. Had it a while and it's still "liquidy" and smooth. If that makes sense?

So there we go, there is my little beauty  review, from one mascara lover to another. Hope you enjoyed it Louise! :)

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