Monday, 5 March 2012

New Hair!

So anyone that knows me will know that I've been blonde my whole life. I started off with VERY blonde hair as a little girl actually. (And a bad fringe even then....oh dear)

Over the years it got darker, leading to some varying degrees of success. I will never forgive my mum for making me look like a badger when I told her "Don't forget the roots" and she took that to mean paint a bliming line of bleach straight down my parting! Jeesh....still that wasn't as bad as the "Zoe fringe" my friends tried to cut for me. I wanted to look like this: (The one on the left)

I actually looked like....

Well, I don't think I HAVE a photo of what I really looked like, but lets just say there was a triangular (uneven) "parting" and a diagonal line of hair across my forehead. Took bloody years to grow out properly. You think this ones was MUCH worse!

Anway, so recently I was getting pretty bored of my ashy/blondey/light brown/Crayola doesnt make this colour! hair and thought about going for a whole new look. - Brunette!

An example of GOOD highlights!
Baring every hair disaster in mind you'd think I was pretty open about my hair huh? Well I'd been debating dyeing it causally since about the summer, seriously since about November and actually commiting to getting it done in the last week or so. Even if it takes me a while once I commit to something - I go for it!

Being kinda nervous and given my hair diabolicals in the past, I decided to be sensible about this one. I went to Rush and made an appointment with the Directer, Hayley, on the recommendation of my sister.

Having fine curly hair has always been a bit of an issue for me finding a hairdresser. Hairdressers with straight hair get freaked out - no idea how to deal with it. I even had one who straightened it, only to put curls back in with GHD's...I ask you?! But Hayley was awesome. With a head full of curls herself and a friendly and laid back nature I knew I was in safe hands.

And although it may have cost me a small fortune I am SO pleased with the results! And it's worth it - a girl needs to spoil herself sometimes right? And nothing makes a gal happier than knowing she has AWESOME hair!

The weirdest thing? It looks natural to me. I haven't freaked out or thought "Is that me?" once. In fact I think it makes me look older - in a good way - a "more mature" style and with the resyling of my fringe just an insy bit  more glamorous.

Needless to say I will be returning to Rush in future. And if any readers with curly hair go in there - tell them you were recommended by me and you get 50% off! (Leave me your email if you need to know my full name)

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