Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to have a productive day

Ever get to the end of a day and think "What did I do with myself?!" We have so much pressure on ourselves to always be doing something, accomplishing something, ticking something off that never ending to do list. We often forget to look after ourselves in the meantime. I find this especially true if we live alone, and have the potential to spend all day inside, doing nothing, and not communicating with a sole. So here is my guide for making you feel productive in both mind and spirit.

1. Go outside. Especially if it is a sunny day - nothing makes a day feel more wasted than seeing blue skies out your window and it getting dark and you realised you didn't bask in it. But even if it's crappy weather - go outside. Breath in the real air (I would say fresh but I'm a city gal...) look up at the sky, ideally walk around something that's green. Even just sitting on the back step at night and looking at the stars for 5 minutes will help you reconnect with the "real world"

2. Talk to someone. Anyone. The local shop owner, the old couple you walk past in the park, the person next to you on the bus. Just a simple "How are you today?" and a smile will make you feel great - and them feel even greater. One of my best moments that made me smile not to long ago was the following random interaction.

Me: (Walking down the street at night, tired, cold and deshevilled)
Random man: Cheer up love!
Me: Its cold!
RM: You're cold - look at me (points at bald head)
Me: Get a hat then! *Cheeky grin*
RM: *Giggles*

Still makes me smile!

3. Communicate with a friend. Ideally this would be a face to face talk as above but even a phone call, text exchange or skype chat will remind you there are people in the world that care about you and love you.

4. Tick something off that list. Doesn't have to be huge, doesn't have to be major but just mentally score a line through one thing. Hang that picture, do a load of laundry, take those books to the charity shop. Whatever it is - do one thing.

5. Take some time to do "nothing" without feeling guilty. I say "nothing" in inverted commas, because all too often when we take time to read a book, watch a movie or catch up on our TV shows this feels like "wasted time" - time that could have been better spent....doing laundry or something. BS. Take time to enjoy the things  you like, and allow your brain some down time.

A few simple tips, but if you do all of those in one "lazy do nothing" day - you'll find you've actually done quite a bit.

Now...how to incorporate that into my job....

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