Monday, 18 June 2012

7 things

Ooh you're getting spoilt. Two blogs in one day and a third brewing away in my head. But that ones a real rambly one that I'm not sure even makes sense and I didnt think you needed that on top of the homesickness one :)

Moving on...

One of my fav bloggers as I have previously mentioned is Louise over on Sprinkle of Glitter. She is really awesome - very down to Earth and positive, I love reading her posts, and watching her YouTube vids - whatever the subject.

Some of her recent blog posts have been on "7 things" - setting yourself 7 achievable manageable targets to achieve in 7 days (or a set time period)

As I have a number of things in my head to do I think this is a perfect thing for me. Although I think I will need help in remembering to do them, which is why I'm loving this group community feel that this post (tag?) is encouraging. Please leave comments reminding me to get off my bum and get these things done, and I will aim to do the same for you (and maybe even borrow some of the more amazing goals I see people setting themselves)

1. USA Picture Wall.
I have a number of photos from my various America trips and inspired by Pinterest (feel free to follow me there!) I've bought black frames and other crafty bits to display them. Just need to do it!

2. Post at least SOME  of my rubbish on eBay.
I've cleared stuff out, its all sitting in bags and boxes in the spare room. Just need to actually list it now and get it out the house.

3. Stop being so defensive
This is linked to the post spinning its way around my head. Fairly self explanatory on the surface though.

4. Do an amazing job at my work event over the weekend
(This is a bit of a cheat as I always pull 140% at my events, but none the less its going to be a long weekend, potentially in the rain so its good to remind myself)

5. Eat better. 
Even just a few extra veg, less chocolate - stop eating crap!

6. Be amazingly supportive big sis at Jess's art exhibition tomorrow. 
She's been working SOOO hard on her college FMP and I know its going to be amazing, but I want to make sure I take note and comment on every little detail that I can.

7. Apply for the thing I sent myself the email about
Sorry that's a bit vague. You can probably work out what "applying" for something is though ;)

Hmm that was much easier than I thought it would be. And I think they ARE achievable. Easily. begin the work!


  1. lovely blog


  2. Great list. I feel like I need some help with no.3 myself. It's a hard one isn't it?

  3. It really is. My defence is to attack - and if I attack I get defensive. Not a great combo to be honest. But we'll get there :)


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