Tuesday, 26 June 2012

7 things - update!

1. USA Picture Wall.
I have a number of photos from my various America trips and inspired by Pinterest (feel free to follow me there!) I've bought black frames and other crafty bits to display them. Just need to do it!

Still do plan to do this

2. Post at least SOME of my rubbish on eBay.
I've cleared stuff out, its all sitting in bags and boxes in the spare room. Just need to actually list it now and get it out the house.

This is taking a smaller priority than the USA picture wall if I run out of time :)

3. Stop being so defensive
This is linked to the post spinning its way around my head. Fairly self explanatory on the surface though.

Hmm....Kinda I think ;)  Although apparently now I'm "soft" - you just cant win sometimes!

4. Do an amazing job at my work event over the weekend
(This is a bit of a cheat as I always pull 140% at my events, but none the less its going to be a long weekend, potentially in the rain so its good to remind myself)

Yup! Succeeded in an awesome event! Knackered but well pleased with myself afterwards. I even held an owl:

5. Eat better. 
Even just a few extra veg, less chocolate - stop eating crap!

Weekend of chips and burgers being the only food available kinda put pay to that. I ate as healthy as I could when I have the choice though.

6. Be amazingly supportive big sis at Jess's art exhibition tomorrow. 
She's been working SOOO hard on her college FMP and I know its going to be amazing, but I want to make sure I take note and comment on every little detail that I can.

Yup! She didnt seem up to hearing it though as she's spent too long on it now and just wanted to be done with it. I was impressed though :)

7. Apply for the thing I sent myself the email about
Sorry that's a bit vague. You can probably work out what "applying" for something is though ;)

I should have done this. However...the weekends event and meeting so many people the charity is involved in has given me a fresh lease of life. At least a couple months worth anyway! 

So all in all not a badly productive week I dont think. 

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