Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Winds of change

There's a smell in the air. A smell of nostalgia....and sadness.

I don't know what it is or what's causing it, but I've noticed it on the last few evenings of my walk home.

At dusk, just after the sun has set and the workday has ended, I'm met with a smell laced with a hint of memories.

I can't quite place what memories - my orafactory sense isnt quite engaged.

But there is wistfulness and sadness in there. Of lost loves and friendships gone and happy go luckychildhood memories.

It's probably causes by the weather, the wind and the changing seasons. That combined with this time of year which in my mind has always been the beginning. Just as the days are noticeably longer, and spring is just around the corner yet it's still dark and cold enough to justify a sense of melancholy.

Who knows....maybe the dementors are about? Seeing as all i can think about is getting home to a massive mug of steaming hot chocolate it's more than likely.

But whatever it is - it's very strange. And only really seems to hit me when I'm outside at this time of day.

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