Sunday, 30 October 2011

Stop and smell the flowers

Never ever forget to appreciate what you have right now. Right in front of you. Savour every last second.

Because I always believed we deserved the best, deserved everything to be perfect - I didnt always realise when things were perfect.

Not that I didnt appreciate so much. I did. I appreciated a hell of a lot. So much that was done for me, said to me, and memories created. There was so much I had to be greatful for. And I always was. I just wasnt always vocal about it, and instead talked about what "wasnt right", because I believed we deserved everything to be perfect and the very best it could be.

And that meant I didnt always take the time to see what was right in front of me. How happy I happy we were. And I wish I had. I wish I hadnt spent so much time thinking forward and wanting to make things better, and instead realised when they were so good. Because maybe then we wouldnt be here. Or lack of here for that matter.

And I'm not putting all blame on myself. Getting to here was a two way street. And not getting out of here is pretty much a one way street. Because I dont know what else I could have done or said. I tried as hard as I could. But it was probably too late.

I just wish I could rewind and appreciate all of the smiles and laughs when they were happening instead of looking at photos and wishing they could be re-created.

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  1. Always living in the now is easier said than done. You have to look ahead and you have to look back, to be able to learn, grow and plan.

    Seeing what you've lost or perhaps never have appreciated some things enough is painful in hindsight, but serves little purpose other than inspiring to be happy with what you have now. Or as Mettalica said it:

    Go squeeze and suck the day, go CARPE DIEM baby!


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