Thursday, 28 April 2011

Everything happens for a does!

As previously blogged, the main essence of my belief system in the world and universe is that everything DOES happen for a reason.

Not necessarily that there is a grand plan/path layed out for us and we have no choice, more that even if you cant see it right now things will work out, and bring you to greater things. You just have to trust it. Especially if your path doesnt go the way you expect it to, and then seemingly random opportunities come up.

For instance;

There is a job in Scotland that I REALLY want, I worked bloody hard on the application and am now waiting with breath that is baited for the short listing next week to find out if I even get an interview.

I then started looking at other job advertisments because I also do not believe in putting all your eggs in one basket. I found one that caused me to call an agency that I completly forgot I  had been in contact with a few weeks ago when I got back from the States. I'd completly forgotten that they'd put my CV forward for a role, and as it turned out...I'd been shortlisted and now have an interview!

Its so strange how I feel I did no work but got an interview....strange. And its not in Scotland, but its also not in London either (its just outside of London, so close enough to be "close" but not so far that we'd be in the middle of no where)

So I guess whatever will be will be with that.

In other news I'm going to be taking up driving lessons again. And this time its with the intention to pass ASAP. Life is just so much easier when your driving and have a car! So with that in mind I'm going to learn in an automatic. In the UK if you pass you test in the UK you are then only licensed to drive an automatic, which is why most people will learn in a manual (stick shift for my USA readers) but for me a manual car just seemed like far too much effort. Yeah I may be lazy but I see driving as a means to an end, overal I  would like it to be as relaxing an experience as possible without then stressing about biting points and changing gears every 3 seconds! hehe.

So please do wish me positive thoughts and luck with both the driving and finding the right job. Both are integral parts of Codaniel and I's future lives together and if I get my butt into shape with both of these I'll really begin to feel like we're getting somewhere!

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