Monday, 19 November 2012


I've always been a bit of a Geek. Whether you choose geek to be defined as that brainy kid who annoyingly ALWAYS had the answer at school, or someone who is just a tad too OCD about organising, or simply someone who becomes hugely enthusiastic about a hobby or interest - that's me.

So you tell me how I had never managed to go to Comic-con or similar over the last few years? I don't's beyond my comprehension too! 

But this year was different. I went and it was AWESOME! Anyone who knows me knows I love dressing up and it was a tough call deciding who to be. In the end budget and time meant I had to utilise whatever I already had, perhaps plus a couple extras, which resulted in my uber-cool (though not especially feminine) Marty McFly cosplay! 

I have to say though, when I saw all the different ladies in varying degrees of sexiness I did begin to regret not going for a more attractive costume, but *meh* such is life! 

I wish I could begin to comment on the amazing things that I saw. Marsha screaming, crying and running from a cyberman (when she didn't even know what one was) was pretty memorable, meeting 3 Doctors and Captain Jack who all looked like their characters was VERY VERY cool, and seeing a woman dressed as Jareth has made me torn between being Sarah or Jareth! 


For me the most amazing part of the whole event was this complete feeling of "together-ness". Ok that sounds very corny I know, but it's true. Everyone was admiring each others costumes, taking pictures together, laughing and joking and playing games. Despite the vast number of people, and often long ques I didn't see anyone getting bitchy or angry. No-one was arguing - everyone was just there to have a good time. And more so - making sure each other had a good time. 

I really don't think there are many sub-cultures or large events that can say the same. When was the last time you felt that same atmosphere at a football game or concert. Heck when was the last time you got on the tube without wanting to kill someone? Because even crammed onto the DLR, freezing on the platforms (a lot of cosplay costumes are not noted for their warmth) or desperatly wanting to find a sandwich - everyone was just so chilled out. Excitable, hyper, in full character mode or geeking out at something awesome - but chill all the same. And that made me very happy. 

Now I can't WAIT for the Sci-Fi weekender in March. It's going to be an amazing weekend! 

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