Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Room for emotions

Before I start I need to just apologise for the mess of this blog at the moment. I want a cool layout, and I'm loving the desk/notebook/scrabook/pinboard look (I've always loved that sort of stuff) but I dont know enough HTML to make my own, and the templates I've downloaded need tweaking.

If your HTML savvy and have some spare time - feel free to design me something awesome and I will love you forever! Anyways....moving on.

Human emotions....they're a funny old thing arnt they?

I think the thing I'm finding weirdest at the moment, is how many different emotions I am currently able to hold in my heart, and how much I swing from one to the next.

How is it possible to feel so insanely blessed and surrounded by love and people that care, yet feel so lonely and isolated from people who should care?

How can I go from insanely happy, embracing life and looking at the positives, to thinking the world is insane and wondering what is WRONG with some people and their lack of logic let alone compassion and empathy?

And how....someone please tell me how.....a heart has enough room for love, sadnesss and anger all at the same person and THEN, as if that wasn't enough conflicting emotion to contain at once, also have the space for a little glimmer of a smile edging in at the corner? A completely unrelated smile. A smile that makes you forget everything else for a few short hours. Only to have pain come flying out of left field when making a cup of tea and remembering a lost memory that never happened?

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