Sunday, 25 December 2011


On this, Christmas night, one of the most holy/special/poignatnt times of the year my mind turns to Faith. Whilst I have never affiniated myself with any particular religion or deity, there are some imoprtant thing in this world that I have always had faith in.

I have faith in loyalty, honesty, friendship and laughter. Faith in love, kindness and above all - in humankind. Faith that no matter how bad things can seem, these traits remain a solid foundation in our lives and if we can hold strong in our belief in them, and have actions that prove them - the world will always seem a little brighter.

The one thing in that list that I have always held most dear is love. Now love is all encompassing but above all I have always believed in love conqueringg all. And in true selfless love not only exisiting but showing itself to us when we are ready. Call me idealistic, call me naive - I believe in in and my belief in it makes my heart sing.

And so the most terrifying thought to me over the last few months, has been the concern that I would lose my faith in love. And in turn, because I had had my faith so harshly tested - begin to lose faith in everything else.

I'm not going to lie to you dear readers - I came close. All too close. So close it scared me. But I held on to a tiny little glimmer of hope and belief in the goodness of the world.

And what happened next restored my faith in everything I had before tenfold. I've told you before that I can never adequately thank my friends and family for the last few months. Not for any particularly huge gestures or actions, but for the millions of tiny ones that filled my heart every day.

For every text, offer of a cup of coffee, heartfelt concerned PM, every hug and every giggle about something completely unrelated - I am so thankful. Because not only did I feel cared for in my time of need, but I have never felt more loved in all my life.

And on top of that, I asked the universe to allow me not to lose faith in the ability to find love. To someday find an intelligent partner, someone that cares, someone that could make me smile. I asked the universe to try and ensure that this setback didnt turn my life onto a path of loneliness in a house with a hundred cats and no hair products. And it even had the ability to ensure I did not lose faith in that either.

So in a funny way my faith in faith alone has given me new reasons to smile, to be positive, to laugh and to have a little twinkle in my eye at the thoughts of new possibilities.

And so, as I settle down to sleep and prepare for Christmas 2011, I would like to send a little message of thanks to every single person that has touched my life. I truly hope you all have faith in something. Whether it be religion, science or love, believe in something bigger. Because in the words of George Michael...You gotta have Faith!

And thank you to the Universe. In things bigger than me, in little signs that show me the world is a good place to be, and for giving me the strength, positivity and love to celebrate Christmas day with loved ones tomorrow.

And finally:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

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