Monday, 29 November 2010

There's no place like...

Over this weekend things all got a bit much at home. Lets just say 5 related women in one house = overally high running emotions. Coupled with the fact that I've been needing and craving my own space since I was knee high to a grasshopper meant enough was finally enough.

I have to say finding a short term lease, checking it out, moving in and still fitting in a 1/2 days work all in one day is fairly impressive...even if I do say it myself! *Blows nails and poofs hair*

Anyways, I quite like my lil bit of the universe that I can truly call my own...I've made it pretty homey. Its a tad cold (although I am used to living in a furnace and the temperature has plummeted this week) but other than that its nice. And with Virgin TV, wireless and all bills included one cant complain :)

So I'm here until Dec 23rd, home for Christmas and to prepare for the States and then I'm back to FoCo for 3 months again! And then when I come back I'll be looking at moving out properly.

So I've been feeling like a bit of a Nomad for the last year. I have a feeling its all leading somewhere good though. Somewhere over the rainbow...somewhere like home.

Hehe! :D

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