Friday, 19 November 2010

Pudsey ears!


For those of you have forgotten - I'm Sarah, I write this blog...apparently.

Been absent for a while I know. Various reasons. But probably will be back now. Kinda.

Might go for a bit of an update with my photos and top banner, the idea was to update those regullarly - meh me is rubbish.

Anways onto random ramblings of the day.

Today is Children in Need. One of the two big telethons in the UK, raising money that then funds many much needed projects for many good causes around the country.

I'm such a bad fundraiser - I actually forgot it was today until I saw the Pudsey Bear at the station this morning! Pudsey Bear is the mascot. I'm actaully quite upset because he used to look like this

And now they've made him all computer generated. I dont like change! Especailly of beloved childhood characters!

Anyways. So tonight is a very long show, lots of appearences by celebrities etc. Doctor Who is normally a part of it, having a short 10 minute special. Of course it'll be stupid Matt bliming Smith not our beloved David Tennant though so I'm not excited about that.

I am very good at getting into the spirit though!

So if anyone needs me tonight you can find me being exceedingly lazy with a tub of Hagen Dazs and my telly. Ah - Bliss! :D

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