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I have always loved Christmas. Loved loved LOVED it! Although over the last few years I have to say I have felt decidingly too "grown up" for it, and there was a little less magic about it. Especially last year where after putting up all my decorations I sat down on my couch and cried realising just how lonely it was to be completely alone at that time of year.

But this year my whole mindset is completely different. No matter what anyone throws at me I will be continuing to smile and look for the love and magic in this season.

Christmas also started early for me this year! I don't normally start thinking about it until the second weekend of December, but this year I decided to put them up on the 2nd. And it really was a magical day. I had a very helpful Elf lending a hand, making me smile all day as he also took great delight in the decorations, music and mulled cider we had brewing all day. (My GAWD did the house smell good!)

So here are a few of my Christmassy photos, including some arty (and slightly hipsterish) Instagram photos of a few decorations.

Seen on Pinterest...
Ok not especially "kinky" but very cool - can we take a photo like this? :)aww, so cute!
Free Christmas printables -- from 5x7 size all the way up to poster size

My recreations....

I made those lyric printables and you can find them on my Pinterest. If you use them please send me a photo - I'd love to see them in use elsewhere! :)

The Christmas Song printable
White Christmas printable
I didn't draw the image but it is here

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These are all from America. HoHoHo ws sent to me by my awesome McMegs 2 Christmas's ago in a Lexling care package. The other three are all from New York and I love them so much. My helpful Elf especially loved the Polar Bear (we share an obsession with New York and a love of the Central Park Zoo Polar Bear!) 

Christmas Kitties (who have so far not caused too much dama...typed too soon. Jack is gnawing on the tree as I type. *le sigh*)

Tree and part of the very cosy living room.

That "Happy Christmas" train has been in my family I think before I was born. I love it so much, because it's old and a tradition, My Mum hated it though which worked out pretty sweet for me because it meant I took ownership when I moved out!

Christmas top tip
See those lights across the fireplace thingy? Battery operated. I have another set across the arch in the hallway, and more in the windows. I cannot advocate battery lights enough. They dont run up the electricity bill, safe enough to leave on all day, and versatile enough to put everywhere. If you havn't already buy some, buy some now! (I got mine from - in case you were wondering)

Christmas movies
Yes that IS Muppet Christmas Carol on my TV. Perfect night time film after all the hard work decorating.

Merry Christmas everybody! 

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