Saturday, 7 July 2012


For someone so smart man I can be so DUMB!

The irony? I knew this. I KNEW it! I really did. So why now? With barely a scraping of continued evidence does it hit home?

Maybe because I am actually ready to admit it to myself without having a breakdown? Because I'm finally feeling properly over it? (We as "over it" as one can realistically be in less than a year) Probably. Because that is no longer the front and foremost thing on my mind? Definitely. Thoughts of that and what was are actually pretty darn far from my mind most of the time, with new people and new interests taking up valuable leasings in my mind instead. 
And I could get angry all over again. Irrationally angry too, at those people, at myself, at my family or friends for not warning me? Yeah like I would've listened :) headstrong as ever - that's me! 

But instead this is when I need to let it go. Really and truly let it go. Not just say I have, not post movie lines or song lyrics, not say I will and then not. Just truly let it go. Take a deep breath, and relinquish all control. 

And learn. Grow and learn - as we must always continue to do in life. And move forward with as much positivity as I had to start off with. No. More. For dodging the bullet ;)

Because I am this crazy gal here in the video below. I know this because my Wise Owl told me so! (She knows...)

I take pride in knowing that I will Always be full of love, always seeing the best in people, always willing to try again and again - no matter what happens. Sure occasionally putting my foot in my mouth (I'm good at that!) but not blaming the past for anything happening in the present. 

And ultimately knowing no matter what that I am no-one's consolation prize, rebound or convenient second best. Ever

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