Monday, 1 August 2011

Life update - a lots been happening!

So as always - bad blogger, not blogged for months. Slap on wrist - yadda yadda yadda.

To be fair though this time I have an excuse because there has been a LOT going on! So here is a general rambling about my life at present.

New Job
Its full time, its a great salary, its a great cause. (Yup still in the charity fundraising sector of course) My manager is an absolute sweetie, and the role can become whatever I make of it really with her help and support. Rest of the organisation is a little...frustrating to say the least due to some old fashioned views and ways of working but I think it can be worked on/around. Luckily as I said the manager is awesome so at least I know I always have her support if I end up with a fight on my hands about anything.

And the new job led to...

New home!
I dont need to tell you that I've been needing my own space for QUITE a while now. I love my family, I truly do, I just always knew that I would love them more and have a much better relationship with them when we wernt in each others hair and under each others feet every second of every day!

So I found somewhere that is walking distance to work and absolutely GORGEOUS! Its a tad expensive, especially when paying for a wedding too but I think I will just about manage if I'm frugal with it.

Its SO worth the price though. Its a very roomy, open and airy two bedroom place and the best bit about it is - it has a massive walk in wardrobe! And actually now I've got all the furniture in it seems EVEN bigger!

I cant wait for Codaniel and Jasper to be here with me though. Its very weird to go from a crazy, always busy house to your own secluded space. Especially as the area is so quiet too. Dont get me wrong I'm not complaining - I love the quiet and the fact that its now MY space but its very weird.

Definitely need my other half and obnoxious little kitten to make it truly feel like home.

I'll take some pictures when there are less boxes everywhere and post them soon.

Wedding planning
Its all coming along nicely. I'm always surprised by how much has actually been done really early on, but also by how much there is left to do! Eek!

Not really been focussing on it too much at the moment with the move and job and stuff so I'll get to it.

I think I "may" have found the dress. I'm being conservative in case I find something better but there is one that I absolutely adore and think I will like again even more when I go back and try it on again! Ssh! Its top secret for the moment though - and of course will continue to be for all but a select few until the wedding day in case Codaniel accidently see.

Travel Plans
I'm heading to the States in 10 days! Only for a week sadly :( but we're going to really try and make the most of it. We have some wedding planning stuff booked in and then the rest of it will be just us relaxing. Including for my babys birthday where we have a very relaxing couple of days planned.

Then I'll be back again for 3 weeks in October/November where we will also be jetting off to McMegs Wedding! VERY excited about that!

Soooo yeahh. Thats about everything thats been going on in my life lately. Not that I've been overly busy or anything! :D

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  1. Ohh I can't wait to see pics of your new place once you are all settled in. And so happy the new job is going well hunny! YAY

    LOVE YOU LOTS can't wait to see you!! xxx


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