Monday, 26 July 2010

The monster :)

Hehe, so funny anecdote of the night.

Me and Seth were going to pick up Codaniel and Kaylin from work.

I wanted to come because "I won't pass up the opportunity to be out on a full moon"

then I thought maybe I'm not a vampire, but a werewolf.

(in case you didn't know I have very pronounced vampire teeth which grew naturally. People used to mock me at school so I totally took ownership of it to freak people out!)

chatting about werewolf vs vampire and which I am etc and then we turned on the radio and guess what came on? 3 Days Grace - Animal I have become.

Awesome huh?! Hehe well I thought it was cool.

That's my story of the day for ya! :D

And in case you dont know what song I'm talking about - here it is in all its glory!

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