Monday, 28 June 2010


So this is our new fuffy lil edition!

After the sadness of having to give Mumford back Kaylin suggested we get a kitten too from the same litter she was going to get hers from.

We talked about it and decided to just go and look at them for now. (HA! FYI - you never just go to look. You will inevitably come home with one.)

Codaniel had them all on his lap, the theory being whoever was the most comfortable would be the one we choose. Then he started heavy metal screaming and the kittens scattered! So we sat and played with them all for a while and this one was definitly the most comfortable with us. He was the only one that stayed on my lap anyway! (They all loved Codaniel)

So we brought him home and he settled right in. It was quite sad that Codaniel had to go to work all day (he's a good boy and totally vetoed my suggestion of calling in.).

We have Hayley to thank for the name. She said he definitly looked like a Jasper and indeed he does!

Him and his sister Terra are so adorable when they're playing together. We're really glad we got a brother and sister - they keep each other company if we're all out all day. Of course they love snoozing together too!

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